Ancient Greek Interior Design Motivation: A Detailed Guide

Ancient Greece was declared the cradle of the Western world as it influenced the world in the fields of art, literature, language, and political thoughts. Moreover, ancient Greek interior designs, which included interior decoration and furnishings, were very popular and had an everlasting effect on the renovation world. 

In this post, we’ll completely guide you through the fascinating world of interior design, specifically focusing on the influence of ancient Greek architecture in Italy. Let’s explore the mine. One such example can be found near Heraklion. It is called Knossos Palace, one of Europe’s oldest cities. 

The Knossos Palace is an extraordinary example of ancient Greek design, showcasing the grandeur and beauty that gave impetus to the development of all ancient architecture in Europe.

Why should you use Greek Interior Design?

You should use these Interior designs because of their simplicity, elegance, a sense of affection with history, and nature-friendly. The following is its detail;

  • Use of natural materials: The use of natural materials like stone, marble, and wood can add beauty to Greek designs. These things have not only a charming appearance but also a connection with nature and a sense of authenticity.
  • Natural Light and Open Space: They have a main focus on maximizing the use of natural light along with creating an open airy place to get fresh air without any resistance.
  • Symmetry and Proportion: These designs emphasize symmetry and proportion which ultimately creates a sense of balance and harmony. This leads to a calm and cozy environment.

Among them, other multiple reasons support the notion of using these designs. Let’s discuss the designs in detail.

Greek designs have an in-depth relationship with nature and add beauty to the sea views along with the charming looks of the sky. The design supports a natural color palette in a symmetrical shape, pattern, and texture balance.

Top 7 Things To Consider for Inspiration of Ancient Green Interior Design

The following are the characteristics of Ancient Greek Interior Designs:

1. Colors Selection

Top 7 Things To Consider for Inspiration of Ancient Green Interior Design

The Greek designs are convinced of using shades of sky blue and white colors which results in a graceful look and a sharp contrast. These colors are not only confined to walls but furniture, windows, and other decorative materials also use their shades.

If along these you wanna use other colors then the shades of green, purple, and red will be the best option for creating a premium look. This will make the landscape perfect.

The use of golden and white on a rustic green color can give an eye-catching look. These colors are soft and soothing which is the best option for all living areas, dining, and kitchen.

The vibrancy and harmony of the bright pink shades can be the best option for mood shifting. Positive emotions like happiness and love can be boosted to the next level due to the effect of these shades. This can be the best source of showing your soft emotions in months like February.

The use of stone colors can add a more formal look to the neutral color palette scheme.

2. Use of Sculptures

Use of Sculptures

Ancient Greek interior designs are also decorated by the addition of different sculptures in the living space. This trend took inspiration from Egyptian and Eastern artwork from 800 to 300 BCE.

Among various kinds of sculptures, the use of sculptures is appreciated because these can fit any place and add graceful looks to the scenes.

Architectural scriptures like frizes and pediments are important styles of sculpture. You can use these to enhance the beauty of rooms and other places.

We can also create a gallery wall featuring a collection of sculptures, framed art, and decorated mirrors. Place sculpture along the side of other art pieces to get a captivating view.

Use lighting of scriptural elements like chandeliers or scones with classical motifs or designs. This creativity has the dual benefit of providing lighting and creating captivating views.

The use of small scripture can easily add beautiful looks to the table or other shelves. We can also use statues or busts which can be placed on the pedestals, console tables, or niches to create a focal point in a room. Marble or stone statues and replicas of famous Ancient Greek interior design sculptures can be the best choice.

3. Use of Fabrics

Use of Fabrics

The fabrics used in traditional interior designs are surely inspired by nature. The use of leather, wool, linen, and silk is the most effective choice in these interior designs.

The use of lighter fabrics is common among design lovers because summer is very hot and humid. Sunlight directly interfered in the inner places.

The smooth and soft curtains are used which creates a next level of decoration as well as adds coziness to the rooms.

Theme tapestries or textiles can be used in Ancient Greek interior designs. These can show scenes of Greek mythology, historical events, or nature. This will help in adding a unique and artistic touch to your design.

Rugs made of natural fibers like sisal, jute, or seagrass can add a touch of rustic touch to the design. This will be workable in spaces with tiled or wooden floors.

Blue and white striped fabrics are reminiscent of the Greek coastline and are usually used for cushions, upholstery, or table linens. These strips can add a coastal feel to the Ancient Greek interior design.

4. Use of Furniture 

Use of Furniture 

The unique feature of furniture used in Ancient Greek interior design is that it is usually handmade. Extraordinary handcrafted furniture is the best choice to make it aesthetically good.

The use of handmade chairs and tables is very common. Along with the feature of handmade furniture, furniture with arches and curves is highly recommended. The corners of the Greek interior are adorned by arches and curves.

The use of curved armchairs, Olivier side tables, and landform sofa are highly appreciated. Use furniture with clean lines avoiding excessive ornamentation.

Console tables should be used with marble or stone tops in entryways or living rooms.

Use chairs or tables in light-colored fabrics like linen or upholstery often in white or pastel shades which contribute to the Greek design look.

Slip-covered sofas and chairs can also be incorporated for a more relaxed and casual feel. These can be easily cleaned and offer a versatile look.

5. Color Palette

The color palette for Ancient Greek interior design is typically inspired by nature. Earthy tones like beige, ivory, and sand are commonly used for walls and furniture. These neutral colors create a calming and serene atmosphere.

Accents of blue, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, can be added through textiles, accessories, or wall furniture should be used especially for sofas or armchairs. These fabrics can easily be removable and washable.

Incorporate open shelving units with simple, unadorned designs. These can show decorative items, books, or Greek-themed decor.

6. Walls of Ancient Greek Interior Design

Walls of Ancient Greek Interior Design

The walls used in the designs reflect the unique and premium looks of these designs. We can use stucco walls, such walls have plastic-like material that can be applied that create a smooth and elegant surface. 

The use of molding and trim is also a way of decorating the walls. Crown molding, chair rails, and baseboards are frequently used to enhance the beauty of the walls.

The doric and ionic columns are also used that are integrated into the walls. This gives the grand ancient formal look to the room/house.

The implementation of marble on the walls is also used for the cladding, countertops, and flooring. The veined patterns and intricate designs can create luxury and sophistication on these walls.

The walls are painted with light colors to reflect and amplify natural light, which is the key characteristic of Ancient Greek interior designs.

In some cases, you can also see wood paneling, particularly in traditional Greek homes. This may be left painted or its natural wooden look. The Ancient Greek interior designs also consider the element of minimalism, which gives an original and natural look. So, the walls are lined with simplicity.

7. Use of Windows

Use of Windows

Ancient Greek interior designs usually appreciated to use of double-hung windows with six pans in each half of the wall. Interior shutters of earthy shades or various shades of blue are a substantial element of this style. The following are its benefits:

  • It helps control excessive sunlight 
  • It helps enhance the privacy of the home 
  • It adds a splash of color to the neutral background

Windows with mullions can add a traditional look to the designs. Mullion is the divider used between the windowpanes.

Use minimalist window frames in light or natural wood windows. This simplicity is the basic feature of this design allowing the natural light to enter into the place.

The use of decorative wrought iron grills on windows can add a Mediterranean charm to the designs. This will not only increase the security but also enhance the classic Greek look. We can also use arched windows or their frames which can add a real feel of ancient times to the ancient Greek interior design.


In a nutshell, ancient Greek interior designs can give a deep touch to Greek history. Every inch of these designs has a historical touch. We have in detail discussed the embedding procedures of this design. Every element of this design has a unique position in giving it an original look.

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