Modern Balinese Style Interior Designs: A Complete Guide

Do you want to create an interior design that will give your room or office a traditional look along the deep incitation of nature? You might be getting confused and unable to decide which will be the best choice. I will show you a super combo of nature and tradition in the following interior design. It is the modern Balinese style interior design.

You can choose the modern Balinese style for your interior design, which is the best option in this scenario if you are looking for a decorating style that is full of ideas from which to draw inspiration. 

Let’s take a closer look at the guidelines for using this modern Balinese style interior design. I will provide you with insights on color selection, furnishing, wall colors, style and color of ceilings, and other accessories.

To cut the story short, you will know every aspect of incorporating this modern Balinese style at a single click. Stay enthusiastic and engaged with us.

Why Should You Prefer Modern Balinese Style Interior Design?

Why Should You Prefer Modern Balinese Interior Design

Modern Balinese style interior design is well-furnished with nature and a traditional look to your office or living place. The following are some reasons which strongly attract you to use of this design:

Balinese Interior Designs usually use natural materials like wood, stone, and rattan. This will be very appealing to such people who are deeply connected to the taste of nature.

If you have roots in Balinese culture and have a deep affection for its arts then this interior design is an excellent choice for you.

These interior designs strike a harmony between contemporary and traditional design elements. 

This balance can appeal to those people who want modernity along with the traditional influence.

These are some reasons for using Balinese Interior Design. Let’s dissect this interior style in detail.

Which Key Elements Are Used in Modern Balinese Style Interior Design?

The following are the key elements that should be used in modern Balinese style interior design:

1. Suitable Materials For the Design

Suitable Materials For the Design

The material that you should use to give your interior design a Balinese look includes wood, bamboo, rattan, stone, natural fabrics, etc. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Wood is the foundation element in Balinese interior design. You can use Teak, Meghan, and rosewood as their first preference due to their durability and natural beauty. These would be used for flooring, ceiling beams, and furniture.

When you use bamboo in furniture, window coverings, and decorative screens it will remind the traditions of the Bali people and add to the natural beauty.

You can also rattan, a flexible and sustainable material used in furniture like chairs, sofas, and other seating materials. It can add a tropical and airy feel to your space.

The use of natural rock such as volcanic rock is extensively used by Balinese interior designers. 

You can use it in the form of stone statues, carved stone basins, flooring, and decorative accents.

You can also use terracotta tiles and pottery to create a rustic and earthy atmosphere. It can be used in flooring, decorative pottery, and even in roof lines in some Balinese interior designs.

In traditional Balinese interior design, the use of thatched roofing is very common. In Thatched roofing, you can make roofs by using natural materials like alang-alang grass or palm leaves. This will add a traditional look as well as an authentic rustic environment to this style.

Among these materials, you can use some other accessories. These are listed below;

  • Natural fabrics like cotton or silk will give you a traditional look along with traditional batik or ikat textiles.
  • Stone carvings can also be used in the form of statues, and architectural elements which will show you the island’s artisanal craftsmanship.
  • The use of fountains and pools with glass can attract you the most in this style along with the traditional look.
  • The use of traditional thematic materials like driftwood, river stones, or tribal textiles can also be used. It depends upon the thematic choice you choose like forest, coastal, etc., to design it ritually. 
  • If you are using a coastal-inspired theme, the use of sea shells and corals is mandatory.

2. Best Color Choice For the Design

Best Color Choice For the Design

In Balinese interior design, you can use a neutral color palette which makes it appear simple despite being decorative. If you want to embrace the essence of Balinese style interior design for a house on a beach, then use white color. If you choose this design for countryside houses, then brown color is an appropriate one. 

To enhance the Balinese style interior design concept and infuse it with tropical vibes, you can incorporate warm, wooden accents and organic textures. This will add depth to the overall design and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, reminiscent of the zen tropical vibes commonly associated with Balinese-style interiors. 

Whenever you use color, keep in mind the principles of holistic design: in fact, this will help you achieve that balance that is at the heart of the Balinese aesthetic.

The use of green plants in the design along with the neutral color palette will give you a quality of balance, which is the real essence of this interior design.

The use of warm brown, rich terracotta, and sandy beige will give you an earthy shade in the design. It makes this style formal along with traditional taste.

If you are interested in giving a luxury and opulent touch to your design then the use of gold accents is very crucial. 

The use of natural wood tones such as teak, mahogany, and rosewood will give you a natural look and can enhance the traditional look.

You can also use natural stones to introduce grey tones or other elements. These gray shades provide you with a neutral, grounding effect in spaces with a lot of natural materials. In some 

Balinese interiors, you can use shades of purple and lavender as accents in textiles, artwork, or decorative purposes. It is often associated with spirituality and mysticism.

3. Furniture and Decor for Balinese Style Interior Design

Furniture and Decor for Balinese Style Interior Design

The furniture you choose in Modern Balinese Interior Design should be wood-based, prefer to use it in a solid or raw look. The furniture you use outdoors and indoors should be of similar elements that will effectively help you maintain flow in these interiors.

If you use simple natural pebbles for outdoor bathrooms and showers it will give you a traditional look. This type of bathroom and shower are very common in this style.

On the Western side, you can’t treat outdoors and indoors in the same manner. At this pivot, you can apply large pan windows that are decorated with tropical plants and a mini bonsai garden indoors. 

One thing you should keep in mind is that these gardens should be decorated in such a way that you can easily see them from the indoor side.

Another feature of Balinese-style interior design is the element of lighting. For this purpose, you can add lamps. The rattan and wicker are the main raw materials that you can apply for ceiling lamps.

4. Add Ornaments and Artwork in the Interior Design

Add Ornaments and Artwork in the Interior Design

The use of ornaments and artwork can make your Balinese style interior design unique and captivating. You can apply Spiritual figures, Buddhas, and wooden statues of all sizes. This should be used in a balanced way so that your Balineses should remain graceful.

You can add Batik or Ikat textiles that will elevate your traditional patterns and bright colors. This will be used in wall hangings or decorative drapery to infuse Balinese culture into your style.

The use of Balinese pottery is also an appropriate choice to transform your into a Balinese one. This pottery varies from vases and bowls to decorative textiles and figurines. These designs often show the island’s artistic design.

To give it a traditional look you can use Balinese tribal designs on wall hangings, table runners, or upholstery which will give the tradition of these tribes.


All in all, if you want to give your home a traditional and natural look and have inspiration from Balinese culture, then Balinese-style interior design is always the best choice for you. In this piece of writing, you have taken a complete guide about the selection of colors, materials, furniture designs, artwork, natural plants, and other materials. If you are confused somewhere go to the top and read it again to make a clear understanding.

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